Inches per Week

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One of the most common questions folks have before deciding to jump train is, “how many inches a week will I gain?”

The first time I heard this asked, I had starting jump heights and measurements from the athlete’s final training session to respond.  The answer at the time was, 1 inch a week.  This seems pretty standard among jump trainers.

Well, one summer I noticed a sudden change in the rate of gains to over 2 inches a week.  After examining what was different about that summer’s training and concluded 2 possibilities:

  1.  The training facility I was using was the best ever.  So, equipment matters a lot, and,
  2. Some new exercises I was using were helping a lot.

The answer was, both!  A nicer training facility opens up more options for training, allowing a jump trainer to deploy additional exercises.

One of the new exercises I tried associated with the massive increase in jump height gains.

So, when you jump train, try to find the best equipped facility possible.  An extra half inch or inch per week adds up in a hurry.