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The Next Evolution in Plyometrics

The Next Evolution in Plyometrics


The Right Tool for the Job

Each client is unique .  So are your client’s training needs.  Would having a plyo box available benefit training your clients?  What if you had 33 different heights of plyo boxes?   The plyotower has 33 different heights, yet collapses down to be mobile enough to go with you to train your clients when you’re on the go.  Imagine being able to adapt to all the different needs of your clients with one box.  In addition, you would be able to train them on land or in the water.

Personal trainers with plyotowers can offer more value to their clients, period…with only 1 plyotower.

When a personal trainer can add more value to their clients, then that is good business.

As a trainer, you understand the importance of using the right equipment to meet your clients’ unique and individual needs.

Indeed, your clients trust you to provide them with every possible advantage to achieve the results they want to see – to show them the right tools.

For jump training, PlyoTower is that tool.

PlyoTower is the only system that adjusts to 33 different heights to maximize performance gains no matter what level you’re training at.  Every inch counts.

PlyoTower is also the only system designed to be used on land and in water.  Training in water not only adds variety to workouts, mitigating the dreaded training plateau; it’s also much lower impact than training on land, giving the body time to mend and experience less injury risk.  Again, having land and water training opportunities further enhance your value as a trainer to your clients.

With built-in wheels, PlyoTower can be easily moved to into position, or stored to free up valuable training space.

If its results you’re looking for, you might as well use the best tool for the job.

PlyoTower.  It’s proven.  It works. 

It’s simply the best plyometrics system available.

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Athletic Performance Advantage

When it comes to developing and playing to your potential, advantage is everything.

The PlyoTower system is THE advantage.

PlyoTower is the only system proven to add up to 2 inches per week to an athlete’s jump height.

And it’s the only plyometrics system designed to be used on land or in water.

Hydro training is essential to any truly effective jump training program.  This is one of the best kept secrets in plyometrics – and one of the most valuable.  No more training plateau and, your team will be healthier and stronger at the end of the season…when it matters most.

Unlike the alternatives, PlyoTower adapts to your needs – one inch at a time, dry or wet.

In addition, when you improve and need a different height of box, the plyotower evolves with you.

No need to crowd your garage or fitness room with a bunch of bulky boxes.  With just 1 plyotower, you can roll it out, train, collapse it back down and store it without taking up a lot of space.  Now you’ll have more space to do with as you see fit.

So what would you do with an extra 6 inches of air? 

The system is new.  The training is different.  The results are stunning.

This is performance advantage taken to the next level.

It’s time to unlock your full potential.

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Are You Doing Everything You Can to Develop Your Team?

As a coach, you know how important it is to get the most out of your athletes.

Top performance is critical.

So imagine now if everyone on your team could suddenly jump six inches higher.

It would be a total game-changer, right? 

The PlyoTower system rapidly increases an athlete’s jump height regardless of their current ability.  Whether an athlete is just beginning their climb toward peak performance, or they think they’re already there – PlyoTower gives more.  The PlyoTower system has effectively, dramatically increased the jump heights of fresh athletes and seasoned all-stars alike.

In short;

PlyoTower will fundamentally improve the performance of everyone on your team.

There’s nothing quite like seeing an athlete who thought they were at the top of their game jump higher…and higher…and higher.

Training plateau holding back your team?  The plyotower allows your team to train in the water.  This provides great muscle confusion and low impact to give your athletes joints and tendons an opportunity to mend and thicken.  The plyomaster training programs contain water workouts that will develop your team beyond the plateau. 

Injured players?  What if your injured players could train in the water?  The low impact, full body resistance of water will help keep them in shape while they mend.  As a rehabilitation tool, the plyotower can help keep your team operating at peak performance.

In concert with the PlyoMaster Jump Training School developed over 10 years, the PlyoTower has effectively helped transform teams from underdogs to champions – over and over again.

How much do you want to get the most out of your team?

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Gym Owners

Got Space?

If you’re like most gyms, the answer is obvious: No.

Choosing the right equipment is a difficult and critical part of maintaining a successful gym.

You need the most value per square foot of gym space possible to offer your clients.  That is good business if you are a gym owner.

Equipment is expensive.  Space is limited.  Clients demand the right gear.

So when something like the PlyoTower comes along, a savvy gym owner can’t afford to ignore it.


Because the PlyoTower takes the place of every plyobox in the gym, uses less space, provides more function, adds excellent mobility, and costs a fraction of the price.

Simply put:

PlyoTower is the only plyobox a gym needs.

With an adjustable height of 14 to 46 inches, wheels for easy relocation, and a minimal footprint, PlyoTower can (and should) squeeze into any size gym.

Have a pool at your gym?  Unlike other plyoboxes, PlyoTower is the only plyobox built for use on land and in water.  Water is high resistance and low impact, a perfect medium for giving your trainers and clients more versatility than ever.  If your gym has a pool and a PlyoTower, your clients will be afforded an advantage they simply won’t find anywhere else.  Instead of the pool being just a lap swim area, with a plyotower the pool transforms into a training area as well.  The result, more value for your clients experience at your gym.  More value per square foot = good business.

It’s versatile.  It’s portable.  It’s rugged.  It’s affordable.  It’s better.

It’s PlyoTower.

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Annie Leggett

  • Starting Approach Jump Height = 108″
  • Finishing Approach Jump Height (after 8 weeks) = 117″


  • Starting Approach Jump Height = 106″
  • Finishing Approach Jump Height (after 4 weeks) = 113″

Ana Mooney

  • Starting Approach Jump Height = 114″
  • Finishing Approach Jump Height (after 8 weeks) = 120″
  • 2 time Women’s Collegiate Club All-American
  • Most Valuable Player – Women’s Collegiate Club
  • 1st Team, All State – High School
  • National Champions – University of Texas Women’s Volleyball Club (2 times)
  • National Champions – Girls 18 and under age group, USA Volleyball Youth Club
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