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How to Get Your PlyoTower

We know you’re excited to get your feet on a PlyoTower as soon as possible.  

We get it – it will completely revolutionize your jump training.

We’re working hard to make PlyoTower available to all who are ready to take the leap.

Our first step will be the launch of PlyoTower on Kickstarter so we can fund the initial production process.

During this launch, you’ll be able to reserve your PlyoTower and ensure you receive one as soon as production begins.

This first production run will be limited, so if you’re serious about your jump training, be sure to join the mailing list to be notified as soon as the doors open.

You can join the mailing list and get immediate jump training tips directly from Kurt “The Vert” Hausheer by clicking the button below.

Stay Informed of the Launch and Get Immediate Jump Training Tips from Kurt