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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Hydro Therapy

Being water friendly opens up many rehabilitation applications in the water. 

With the PlyoTower’s easy lift-lock handles, you can rapidly adjust the height while in water.  Simply grab the handles and squeeze – adjust to the desired height – then drop into place.

Water is frequently used to rehabilitate physical therapy patients due to buoyancy, low impact and full body resistance.    The PlyoTower’s micronodule padded top allow for outstanding grip with bare feet for greater stability to push off and land on while in water.

Healthier Teams

Great, healthy athletes make a successful team.  Faster recovery will help your team be stronger and healthier.  With the PlyoTower and a good hydro program you’ll be able to keep more of your team healthy more often, and injured athletes will have a safe and effective way to maintain their fitness while recovering.  

More of your team will be healthy at the end of the season, when it matters most.

Gym Services

Gym owners may broaden the value of their offerings to include the water.  PlyoMaster hydro exercises, along with the PlyoTower, will give more value to your clients and help you differentiate your business.